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By way of introduction

May I welcome you to the Dream Centre and introduce myself to you as Pastor Anthony Higginson. The Dream Centre is a thriving church that is situated on the east side of Manchester in the town of Droylsden. During my seventeen years as a pastor I have discovered that God has a unique plan and purpose not only for the lives of individuals but He has a divine plan for his universal church. Knowing of those plans and purposes and then building them into the lives of God’s people are two complete different things. We very much believe the church to be a place where not only people can grow in the knowledge and expression of Christianity but we desire that each person become empowered to pursue a clean pure life in God. The Dream Centre is not only a place where people meet and gather together in the name of Jesus but it is heavens gateway and entrance point in expressing the complete heart power and presence of God to people and to the community and nation at large.

To submit to one another out of reverence for Christ is to become openly transparent and accountable before others.


About The Dream Centre

Welcome to The Dream Centre

He who loves a pure heart and whose speech is gracious will have the king for his friend. Proverbs 22:11

Achurch with a difference. The Dream Centre Manchester is pastored by Tony & Carol Higginson, who work alongside a passionate team of dedicated elders and like-minded people. Our church is based in Droylsden and is part of one of the world’s largest Pentecostal denominations, The Assemblies of God and enjoys a winning strategic partnership with the global apostolic source, I.S.A.A.C. (International Strategic Alliance of Apostolic Churches).

What you can expect
On arrival to our church in Manchester you can expect a warm, friendly greeting from one of our Welcome Team. After being shown to your seat, we trust you’ll experience even more wonderful hospitality from everyone who’s here to worship with you at The Dream Centre. Service starts at 10.30am… and this is no ordinary church meeting. We’re here to meet with God, which means creating an atmosphere each week that allows people to see, hear and touch Him. This enables our people to give God their very best, which is every individual’s divine right and personal responsibility as passionate worshippers of the God we’re reaching out to.The Dream Centre makes it a priority to gather corporately around the banqueting table of God’s Word. The living Word of God inspires, instructs and transforms lives everyday by aligning our behaviours and thinking patterns to His purpose. As a result, in accordance with the Word, you can expect accurate preaching and teaching that’s practical, prophetic… and occasionally humorous!

Children also play a large role at The Dream Centre and we cater for all age groups; Crèche – Little Dreamers (ages from 0 – 4 years), Children’s Church (ages from 4 – 11 years) and our Unleash Youth Group (ages 11 to 18 years). All our young people are cared for by an inspiring team of gifted individuals, whose gift, talent and drive gives them all the fuel they need for accelerated spiritual growth.

Dr Jonathan David and Mum Helen
Make possible the impossible.

Dr. Jonathan David is one of the pioneers of the Prophetic Movement across the world. His accurate prophetic ministry with a unique teaching mantle provides the cutting edge to reach all nations.

The prophetic Ministry has brought him the favour of God and the privilege to minister to presidents, prime ministers, and governors and government officials in many nations. His prophetic accuracy has been instrumental to set many national leaders on course towards their destiny and God-given assignment.

This grace has underpinned his impact and influence on many whom he has personally trained in his Permanent School Of the Prophets which Began in 1991. Now many of his sons are running national Schools Of the Prophets in their own nations.

His popular book, Apostolic Strategies Affecting Nations, became the voice of his apostolic grace and mantle. It brought clarity to many building apostolic ministries.

The ISAAC Network

Carrying the apostolic across the world

In 1991, the ISAAC alliance was then called ANPCM (Apostolic Network of Prophetic Churches and Ministries). God was already updating and upgrading him in spiritual stature. The apostolic call, mission, and mandate became evident as the glocal church, All Nations Sanctuary, and many other churches came under his apostolic oversight and care. This paved the way for apostolic thrust into the nations.


november, 2017

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Our Podcasts

Messages from The Dream Centre

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Pastor Tony Higginson and other contributing speakers explore the purpose of today’s Church through a series of free christian podcast downloads  focusing on how God is raising a new generation of men and women that will lead the world into a new era of peace, joy and righteousness. Discover God’s purpose for your life today and get all the help you need to fulfill it.

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Dream Centre Life

Enjoying life in every area

Life is what we do best!
I have come that you may have life and life to the full

From Christmas productions through to church weekends away we have it covered

It’s okay to smile, go on tell your face…

Some of the great challenges that face todays church is not only relevance but also the ability to demonstrate a life that works. At The Dream Centre we encourage and empower people to grasp life with both hands, you only get one shot at life so we better make the most of it. We aim to empower people in every area of life from, financial intelligence, relationships all the way down to being a good friend. The Dream Centre has been in the same location for 54 years and has well established community links, through it’s parent and toddler group which has been open for 25 years. Running alongside more recent additions such as the police surgery, mental health support groups and collaboration with the Tameside food bank. Our expression of life can be seen in the lives of the people who attend and the strength they carry. Everyday people living everyday lives, yet connected to an extraordinary God. Over the last decade The Dream Centre has become synonymous with it’s Christmas productions, The wizard of Droz, Xmas Factor and of course We’re Stuffed. In addition to this we have our famous Christmas give aways of toys and hampers, Santa’s grotto and great buffet nights, you eat Phil’s curry at your own risk.

For more information about the different groups and services supplied by the Dream Centre check out the rest of the links in this section.

If you live anything lesser than the standard of God’s word then you are living below standard.


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The Dream Centre,  King Street,  Droylsden,  Manchester  M43  6TR.

Tel: 0161 370 2494
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