Authentic Sonship

The Highway to Zion

Being a true disciple of Jesus Christ is not so much a course or a class that we take; but it is a life that we must wholeheartedly pursue.


Transparant & Accountable
Here at The Dream Centre Manchester we passionately believe in training, empowering, equipping and releasing every believer. With this in mind one of our key platforms to aid this is our Authentic Sonship discipleship nights. On the first Thursday of every month the discipleship training takes you through the steps of becoming a truly authentic christian. It is so easy to think that when I become a christian thats it, but really the journey has only just begun. Every christian is called to handle the word of God correctly, by looking into subjects such as:

Working out what God’s working in you

Understanding how God works

The foundations of your faith

Establishing Christ in your life

Truth from error


The teaching has a simple three step process
Each night we will carefully consider what is taught, so that we can conclude what and why we believe what we do. So that the end result is we then become convinced of our walk with Christ being a people who do and not just hear.

On the third Thursday of each month we break down into Authentic area groups where we openly discuss the months teaching.

Please check out the events calendar for all the times and dates for Authentic Sonship.