We See a Church

The Purpose of The Dream Centre

To those who believe no further explanation is needed but to those who do not believe then no amount of explanation will ever do.

We see a church whose very heart is to fulfil the purposes of God through everything she does. We see a company of believers who carry within them the prophetic and apostolic church D.N.A. for bringing about city transformation. We see a church that is so God-centred and purpose-given that her only response is to empower its people in becoming all they are destined to become. We see a church that God Himself is divinely positioning in order to fulfil the requirements of kingdom life. A church that is so vibrant that it infects and affects the people that she reaches; a church whose purpose is to reveal the dream of the King to all peoples, tribes and nations.We see a church where people are recklessly in love with God, so much so, that they pursue after Him in wild abandonment, living lives free from containment and limitations.We see a church where people plug in, connect and build, as well as a place where people let go and give in to the will and ways of God. We see a church where every person is mobilised, every gift utilised, every relationship defined and every need met; a church where every strategy is accurately executed. We see a church where every opportunity is seized, every resource multiplied and every life transformed.

We see a church where its people have grasped that within them lies the very latent power of God empowering them to become more than they presently see or have become. We see a church whose frequency is changing lives, influencing every domain and impacting every structure through the enduring Word of God. We see a church where believers live holy and righteous lives; where extravagant worshippers unselfishly gather to touch the heavens in order to change the earth.We see a church that understands what it means to build with a multi-generational mindset, believing that it takes all three generations working together in unison to build a governing house. We see a church whose Maker is returning for His investment, and when He does, He will find within the lives of His people faith, hope, obedience and enthusiasm all being utilised in a God-given season of life.

Senior Pastor Tony Higginson

Don’t use your people to build a great work; use your work to build great people.

Your Christianity can either be a hard walk or a heart walk!