Unlocking the Impossible

Unlocking the Impossible

We can unlock the Impossible Realm – We can Open that arena and live there always.
The impossible can become possible. The supernatural can happen so often that it can be a normal experience. The supernatural can happen so naturally.

Impossible things can become possible day to day experience. Though man is limited and natural he can find KEYS TO UNLOCK the GATE TO ALL POSSIBILITIES.



This is a stronger level of faith. This is a higher level of faith. This is the level that puts a smile on God’s face. This level amazes God. This dimension pleases God.

Extraordinary Faith:

1.  Believes the Spoken Word is the Final Authority

  • It will put down all resistance.
  • It will resist all attacks.
  • It will undo every work of the enemy.
  • It cannot be challenged.

2.  Believes the Spoken Word is the Material for the Miracle

  • Hear the Word.
  • Partake its Nature.
  • Escape the corruption that is in the world.
  • Recreate a new environment Through the Word – Spoke the earth into being (Heb 11:3, Jn. 1:3)

3.  Believes the Spoken Word is the Revelation of His Will

  • It is His Permission and Approval.
  • The word reveals his Will, His Desire, His Approval.
  • Reveals what He wants.
  • Nothing else has legality.
  • Nothing else has His Permission.
  • God rejects every other thing.

4.  Believes the Spoken Word is Equal to his Awesome Presence

  • When we lay hold of His Word, we lay hold of His Presence.
  • We hold on to the promise until He Appears in our Reality
  • We keep standing on His Word until He Appears

5.  Believes the Spoken Word moves the Material and Spiritual Realms

The spoken Word moves people and sickness.
It moves the negatives… It removes the curse, the sickness, the demonic spirits.

This is a new pattern of behaviour. This is a new level of obedience. This is a righteousness higher than the average.

  • A willingness to obey “No matter the Cost”
  • A willingness to obey “No matter the Sacrifice”
  • To Obey All the Command – To Follow All the Instructions – To Fulfill all the Conditions – To Respond to All the Requests – To Anticipate All the Desires


Explicit Obedience:

1.  Is a Higher level of Obedience

  • Giving God the Final Say and Decision.
  • We choose what He says and has chosen.
  • Not following lower standards and an easy way out.
  • *Abraham’s Level: Obeyed Me, Kept My Charge, My Commandments, My Statutes, My Law.

2.  Is Following the Instructions to the Exact Detail / To the Dot. (Gen. 26:2-3)

The Key to the Supernatural:

  • Dip 7 times in the river
  • Pour water into the jars
  • March around Jericho once each day…
  • The land which I will tell you (v.2)
  • Sojourn in this land (v.3)

Explicit Obedience takes us to the Next Level of Stature – Star Seed – The Philistines Will envy us.
3.  Is Living in the Land and seeing the Results of Obedience (v.6, v.12-14, v.16)

Not for a season, not uprooting, dig into the ground with our heels and stay in:

  • Stay in the land (v.2),
  • Sojourn in the land (v.3)
  • Until I give you all the land (v.3),
  • Live in the land (v.6),
  • Sowed in the land (v.12),
  • Prepared in the land (v.13)

4.  Is Defending Your Place of Obedience

Your Sphere of Assignment:

  • Family (v.7-10)
  • Lifestyle (v.12-14)
  • Vocation (v.15-)
  • Our Inheritance and Legacy (v.18)

Not Shifted:

  • By Circumstances (v.1)
  • People of the City (v.7)
  • By government pressure (v.26)

5.  Is Staying Progressively on the Course

God appeared to him – Gave specific instructions for the next phase of life (v. 2-5, 23-24)

  • We must not just learn to adapt and plow through but have Fresh Encounters for a new spiritual position in the Spirit
  • Stay close to the pattern of life of your father (v.1, 5)
  • Stay near the premise legacy of your father (v.3-5, 15, 18, 24)
  • Stay near the wells of your father
  • Stay with the God of your father
  • Stay in the lineage of the Spirit and of the faith (v.34-35) Not all covenants are beneficial
  • Stay in the holy seed (Gen. 28:1, 8-9)

This is a new level of willingness to pay the price of the Upward Call.
This is a new measure of willingness to suffer for, sacrifice and surrender to a higher cause.


Exemplary Sacrifice:

1. Is Made to Complete the Joy of Others (Phil. 2:2)

This is a new but fundamental principle that Christ-Life is seen.

  • He came to give His life as a ransom for many.
  • He was bruised for our joy and restoration.

2.  Has No Limit of Sacrifice.

We do not count the cost at the moment of the trial. We have already emptied ourselves to the point of death (Phil 2:7-8).
3. Begins with God working in us (Phil. 2:12-13)

By nature all are selfish, complaining, grumbling, pretentious and contentious.
God wills that we should live like Christ and lay down our lives for one another – As Christ Loved Us

4. Is Modelled by the Mature Leading the Believers to Selfless Service (Phil. 2:5, 3:15-17)

The leaders are to model and lead to selfless service of the church.
5. Is the Only Way to Gain Stature in Christ (Phil. 3:7-8)

This is the pathway to be bestowed with spiritual position of stature (Phil 2:9)

  • The greater the price the more valuable the prize
  • The greatness of the Vision is in how much someone is willing to pay for it, not just what it will accomplish
  • The pathway of the supernatural and extraordinary demands a cost few are willing to pay
  • For those who pay the Price will see the Full Harvest of what they sow in righteousness

This is the expression of the Compassion of Christ. This is the showing of Graciousness, Mercy, and Kindness.


Exceptional Kindness:

1.  Is Showing the Christ-Love and Mercy we Know, to Others

We need to comfort others with the comfort we have been comforted.
If we do not know God’s forgiveness, we cannot forgive others. We cannot give and share what we have not known and experienced.
2.  Is doing the Best We Can for Others, as we do for ourselves

  • We must do all we can in our strength to help others.
  • We must not cut short in what we do for others.
  • How we treat others especially those in the household of faith reflects how we treat Jesus who owns them.

3. Is Being Gracious in Word and Deed

  • This is giving grace, strength, and hope to who are afflicted and in need.
  • Our words and actions must be seasoned with grace.
  • Our words must sustain the weary.
  • People must be lifted up by our words and actions.

4.  Is Doing what God Wants to Do for Others and Expect Nothing in Return

When servants wash the plates, iron the clothes, cook the meals; we do not say “thank you” for each item. We say thank you at the end of the day.
As God’s Servants we do not expect special attention but we appreciate when honored. As God’s Servants we continue in selfless service without any “thank you” mentioned.
5.  Is Touching Those who Cannot Return or Repay Anything Back to You

  • It is helping others who cannot afford or have the means or opportunity to return the kindness.
  • It is like helping the less fortunate to better their life and give them a push into a better future.
  • This is the Supernatural ability that is developed into us to finish our Assignment. God helps us to measure up to the demands of our task. God equips us with the necessary ingredients to get the job done.


Empowering Grace:

1. Is the Divine Ability Outworked in Us to Do what God Calls Us to Do

God infuses into us the strength to finish the task (Phil 2:12-13).
This is God’s supernatural attribute by which we can get the job done.

2. Is the Prevailing Mindset Needed to Fortify Our Spirit so that We Can Pursue the Task & Ultimately Get the Job Done

3.  Is the Overshadowing of the Holy Spirit to Add His Measure of Power to Our Measure of Faith-Actions

He adds to our action the desired results because He takes it all above our abilities and efforts.

4. Is the Strength of the Holy Spirit to Make Ordinary Man Become Extraordinary, Giving Them the Cutting-Edge Above Others

They produce extraordinary results and the God-factor is the plus-factor seen.

5. Is the Favour of God Releasing Us from Strife, Stress, & Conflicts

God in us is greater than he who is in this world. God in us will make it happen.

  • Through our God we will do valiantly.
  • God through us will make it happen.



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